But words mean nothing when you are living in a concrete box with a departure date of twenty years from now for a “crime” that I can’t find the definition for in the criminal code of the State of Florida. Words cannot right the injustice that you have been served. Words cannot heal the bruises that you have endured. It is time for us to act. Us men.
"These social justice bloggers need to calm the fuck down," said the young white male blogger, bewildered and angered by the idea that anyone could take issue with a world that suits him so perfectly.

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ActivistMode: Bwahahaha Fatigue from political activism or social justice only happens to those hiding under the fake smile of inclusiveness.

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a lot of white, cis, or hetero people will reblog and act like they support certain aspects of social justice, but then you can tell that they actually DON’T understand what it all means because you’ll see little hints of racism/transphobia/grossness in some of the things they say and do that they don’t realise are problematic

like son i dont have time for wolves in sheeps clothing

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Wisconsin Reporter says new John Doe investigation focused on conservative groups

ActivistMode: One thing seems clear - John Doe investigations keep happening because Walker & Co. can’t get rid of the District Attorneys.

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